Exciting News!

We are so (sooooooo!!) excited to report that we are very close to having official Neema LAND! For two years, Michael and Doris have been looking for land to build a permanent Neema House facility. One that we can grow on and make all the dreams and plans we have become a reality. One where […]

God of Hope

Please listen as you read: I have been thinking recently about the struggles of life here in Tanzania for women and children. It is hard for me to wrap my mind around. For example, my children could eat all day. In fact, there have been times when I feel like I am feeding baby elephants, […]

Finding a Sister and Losing My Pride

This week, we made a difference. Does that sound crazy? We came here to make a difference, right? We SAVE babies and make new families and employee thirty-three local people, mostly women, who are then able to support their families. We pour thousands of dollars, well Neema House does, into the local economy. Everyday we […]

Work Pics

Remember, this is serious… Kelly is working hard to achieve QC standards with donations. Memusi is the first baby we personally received at Neema House. Camille is feeding Memusi. Camille really likes taking care of the babies. Because she is so big now! The toddler play room. Camille and Tabitha take advantage of the books […]

Our Apologies (Samahani)

Disclaimer/Additional Apology: This post is written by Matt. We have had some problems with our email hosting, but have it sorted out now. Unfortunately, we most likely have not received any emails sent to our “tzorphan.com” address’ in the last week. If you sent us a question or comment, please resend. It turns out that some […]

The Virus of Misery

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at Neema House. It started slowly, with one or two kids running a low grade fever, then a higher fever, then diarrhea, then upper respiratory and then it was all out chaos. I did not do an official count, but now that we are on the […]

Some Fun

We are putting up some pictures for everyone to see. These are some fun photos. We will put up some more of Neema house next. We don’t take too many pictures inside Neema because we have so many visitors who like to pictures as well. However we do have some good ones that we will […]

A Different Place

A week ago one of the volunteers working at Neema House shared with me some words of wisdom that she had received on a prior trip to East Africa. She said that a key thing to remember when trying to adapt to a new culture is, “It is not weird, just different.” I have been […]

From The Other Side Of The World

If I could pick one word to summarize my feelings for the year 2013, it would be OVERWHELMED, but not in the way you might think. There have definitely been some overwhelming moments trying to hack through our out-of-control to-do list, but mostly the feeling of being overwhelmed has been of the incredible blessings of […]