Thank you so much for choosing to support our family in the work we are doing for vulnerable children and families. We would not be able to continue our ministry without your commitment to our family. All donations are processed through our home church, The Vine, in Temple, Texas. These donations are tax deductible. Setting up your scheduled or one-time donation is simple and takes only a few minutes. You can use either a credit/debit card or select direct withdraw from your checking account using your routing number.

Here are the steps for making an online payment:

Step 1: Click this link or the image below which will take you directly to the PushPay donation site for The Vine Church.

Click image to donate!!

Step 2: Enter in your payment information selecting Missions: Administration as your “Giving Type”.  It is VERY important that you select Missions: Administration in order for your donation to get to our ministry. You can select to use either a credit/debit card or set up bank account withdrawals. Your payment will be deducted as you select.

If you would rather send a check, please send your support to the following address:

The Vine Church

4902 South 31st Street

Temple, Texas 76502

On your checks ‘Memo Line’ please write: Missions Administration. Again, it is VERY important to indicate Missions Administration so that your donation goes to the correct ministry.

We cannot thank you enough for choosing to support our work through financial donations. This is a very real way for you to be involved in the efforts made in East Africa. You are a blessing to our family and we look forward to working with you. We only get quarterly updates about new supporters, so please send us an email at or to let us know you have joined our team. We love to hear from friends and family!!

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06/09/2019 at 11:15 am

The check will be in the mail tomorrow morning. It isn’t as much as I would like to give but I hope it will help

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