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I am so excited to be posting a blog within one month of my last one! That is a definite improvement in my record. The month of April was very busy and included a wonderful and much-needed visit from my parents. I had not seen my dad in 15 months and I was missing him […]

2015 Year End Slideshow

¬†We have had a great year filled with construction and well digging and new babies. The girls have grown in all ways and are thriving. Thank you for making it possible for us to be a part of this ministry in Arusha, Tanzania. Enjoy the pictures and make sure to push play to hear the […]

The 2nd Year Review

It is so hard to believe that yesterday marked the day of our arrival in Arusha, Tanzania two years ago! The time has simply flown by and we continue to be so blessed with the opportunity to continue to serve at Neema House. The task of writing about the 2015 is even more daunting than […]

End Of The Year

This is the third time I have edited this blog due to time slipping away so quickly. The last forty days have been packed full of more trials than we have experienced in the previous eleven months. We have had sickness and death visited upon Neema House and our own house. It has definitely been […]

Masai Twins

I want to really introduce you to the beautiful twins, Theracia (girl) and Elisha (boy) and let you see why they are staying at Neema House. I will say that having a part in the decision about whether the twins stayed at Neema House or went back to the village with their mother was very […]

Doing Our Job

I am sitting in the office at Neema House, hearing the getting-ready-for-nap pandemonium take place right outside the fabric partition that serves to pseudo-seclude me from the crowd of sleepy toddlers. A few minutes ago I led a grieving family on a tour of Neema House. Their wife/daughter/sister died four days ago, giving birth to […]

Long Awaited Updates

I have written this blog post in my head so many times, each time better then the first. Sadly, ever time I sat down to actually put words to paper, it slips from my grasp like sand in a sieve. I have wanted to give a glowing and detailed report of our six months here […]

Work Pics

Remember, this is serious… Kelly is working hard to achieve QC standards with donations. Memusi is the first baby we personally received at Neema House. Camille is feeding Memusi. Camille really likes taking care of the babies. Because she is so big now! The toddler play room. Camille and Tabitha take advantage of the books […]