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The Virus of Misery

It has been a rough couple of weeks here at Neema House. It started slowly, with one or two kids running a low grade fever, then a higher fever, then diarrhea, then upper respiratory and then it was all out chaos. I did not do an official count, but now that we are on the […]

House (still) For Sale

Over the course of Thursday, Friday and Saturday we had and lost two contracts on the house we are trying to sell. Through it all, our faith has grown and our resolve to move to Tanzania to follow what we feel is the call God has given us has strengthened.  We have a long history […]

Going Forward

Overall, our goal for the first year is systems, systems, systems. We want systems for the care of the babies, systems for out-reach and adoptions, systems for facilitating family integration of our motherless children, systems for the volunteer program. The thought of the organizational challenge makes my pulse race, I love systems and organization. I […]

Our Task

What does it mean to be the on-sight director of a baby orphanage? Matt and I were ready to move us and our little ones to Africa, sight unseen, but Michael and Dorris were insistent that we make a trip to Arusha to visit the orphanage before we set sail. We agreed, and through an […]