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Long Awaited Updates

I have written this blog post in my head so many times, each time better then the first. Sadly, ever time I sat down to actually put words to paper, it slips from my grasp like sand in a sieve. I have wanted to give a glowing and detailed report of our six months here […]

Finding a Sister and Losing My Pride

This week, we made a difference. Does that sound crazy? We came here to make a difference, right? We SAVE babies and make new families and employee thirty-three local people, mostly women, who are then able to support their families. We pour thousands of dollars, well Neema House does, into the local economy. Everyday we […]

Some Fun

We are putting up some pictures for everyone to see. These are some fun photos. We will put up some more of Neema house next. We don’t take too many pictures inside Neema because we have so many visitors who like to pictures as well. However we do have some good ones that we will […]

From The Other Side Of The World

If I could pick one word to summarize my feelings for the year 2013, it would be OVERWHELMED, but not in the way you might think. There have definitely been some overwhelming moments trying to hack through our out-of-control to-do list, but mostly the feeling of being overwhelmed has been of the incredible blessings of […]