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I am so excited to be posting a blog within one month of my last one! That is a definite improvement in my record. The month of April was very busy and included a wonderful and much-needed visit from my parents. I had not seen my dad in 15 months and I was missing him […]

Homeschooling – The Perfect Circle

Most of you who read this blog probably know that I was home schooled from second grade until I graduated high school. Matt was also home schooled off and on as well as attending various private schools (his family moved several times), a couple of which were started or run by his parents. Unlike most […]

2015 Year End Slideshow

¬†We have had a great year filled with construction and well digging and new babies. The girls have grown in all ways and are thriving. Thank you for making it possible for us to be a part of this ministry in Arusha, Tanzania. Enjoy the pictures and make sure to push play to hear the […]

The Heart of the Matter

There comes a point in every bloggers life where you just have to give up and say, I am not going to be able to update you on everything that has happened since I last wrote. It is like that email that someone sent you, or the text, or the phone call that you meant […]

End Of The Year

This is the third time I have edited this blog due to time slipping away so quickly. The last forty days have been packed full of more trials than we have experienced in the previous eleven months. We have had sickness and death visited upon Neema House and our own house. It has definitely been […]

The Follow Up…

I meant to thank everyone, and let you know how things were going sooner, but those things kept changing. Sorry to be dramatic and then keep everyone in suspense. Many thoughts have been going through my mind the last week. So here goes. Thank you everyone for your kind responses! They have been meaningful to […]

Fear vs Faith

When you reside in a third world country, you come to live at a higher level of acceptable fear. It starts the moment your feet hit the soil of your new home. Every day is peppered with the fear of sickness, fear of traffic, fear of awkward social situations. Sometimes there is the fear of […]