Last Chance Central Texas

It is hard to believe that we have already been in the States for a month. Time is flying by way too fast. There are so many times where I just want to push pause on a moment and soak up the experience. Our main priority for this trip is connection. It has been a lonely, isolated couple of years for us as we started anew in Uganda. Being around family and friends fills us up in a way that nothing else can. We are so very thankful for every deep hug and long conversation that has taken place over the last few weeks.

About to board the plane in Uganda!

In addition to connection, we are also here to fundraise for Family First. Fundraising is our very least favorite part of the work we do. It is hard to ask for money, but it is amazing to see how God supplies through the generosity of people who want to love and support their refugee neighbor. We are so very, very grateful for every person who supports both our family and our work. For the past 8 years God has faithfully supplied for our every need. I know He will continue to do that as Family First expands to reach more vulnerable families in the coming year.

One way we fundraise is by speaking to groups, mainly churches, but we will speak at any group! If you are in central Texas you have one last chance to come and hear about our work. Please join us on July 11 at 11AM at Impact Temple. We are actually going to be giving the full message. The service is live streamed, so be watching Facebook or send me an email if you would like more info about that.

We leave Temple on July 14 and head to Houston for a few days. Then Matt and I are traveling to Alabama, while the girls and my parents make their way to South Dakota. Matt and I will be speaking in Dothan, Alabama on Saturday, July 17 at the Dothan Messianic Fellowship. We are still trying to find somewhere to speak in that area on Sunday, July 18, but have yet to secure a location.

After Alabama Matt and I will make our way up to South Dakota to spend the remainder of our visit with Matt’s family. We will be speaking at Mt. Olivet Church in Huron, South Dakota on July 25. We fly back to Uganda on August 12.

Just in case you are wondering, our fundraising goal is $1,000 in additional monthly support or $12,000 in total. This amount, in addition to the monthly support we receive currently, will fully cover our operating budget for the coming year. Our big goal, once Covid releases us from is wretched grip, is to re-open the preschool for 50 kids and support 4 groups of 10 – 12 parents through our one-year program of trauma counseling, shifting to a growth mindset, business training, and business startup. Can you imagine the impact of having 48 parents achieving their goal of being independent, sustainable business owners?!

If you want to join our team and make this goal a reality, you can Give by text – Text ‘Family’ to 254-306-0301 or click the picture link below.

Click the picture to donate

Our current prayer requests:

  1. Pray for the safety of everyone in Uganda as the second Covid wave is moving through.
  2. Pray that we are able to raise the money we need for the work of Family First and our family.
  3. Pray that our family is able to have a safe and restful second half of our trip and an easy return to Uganda in April.
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