A Bright Future

We are excited to update you regarding the new chapter unfolding in our ministry in Uganda. As you may have seen via an email sent on February 23, we are starting the process of separating from Walk In Love. This is a mutually beneficial decision that has been made after much discussion.  

The decision to form our own organization has grown from diverging missions. Last year Walk In Love started narrowing their vision, wanting to place more emphasis on children under 3 years old. Meanwhile, the covid pandemic has shifted our focus from being child centered towards being the family centered, with an emphasis on holistic family outreach. 

At the beginning of February, Uganda announced that it would not allow preschools or daycares to open until 2022. This mandate pushed our vision more towards focusing on what we could do for families. It also cemented the fact that our mission was no longer congruent with that of Walk In Love. We wish Walk In Love all the best and hope that their work is prosperous. 

With that said, we are thrilled to announce our plans for the future of our ministry in Uganda. The core objectives have not changed. We are still working in the same building on the edge of the Congolese resettlement area. We are still working with refugees, mostly Congolese. We are still providing the same holistic care that you believe in enough to support. We are doing all these things and so much more and our new name is: 

We believe in Family First. We believe in working with the whole family, for the sake of the child. We believe that strong families, raise healthy kids, and build vibrant communities. We believe in helping each family walk into a bright future. We are counting on you to come with us on this journey. 

Our nonprofit, 501c3 organization is well under way. We feel confident that the process will be done within the year. If you itemize your deductions, that is important for you, because if you donate to Family First today, your donation for 2021 should be tax deductible.  (On the small chance that the tax deduction does not go through and this would make a significant impact for your taxes, would you please contact us so that we can give you a different option for donation.) If you do not itemize your taxes, you are good to go too! 

Are you ready to help families achieve a bright future with Family First? You can donate today using this fancy button (you do not even have to put Uganda in the memo.) If you are already a supporter of our work through Walk In Love, any funds you donate after February 28 will no longer be given to our programs. We ask that you please take a minute to switch your donation to Family First today. If you are a new donor and would like to support our work, you can sign up too. Just click the link below.

Click to make a donation.

We are so very gratefully for every one of you who has believed in us and our work in Uganda. We are thrilled to be on this journey with you, and know that great things are coming. 

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