Joys of the Week

I wanted to share with you some of our joys the past week.


Pineapple, mango, avocado, banana and passion fruit all bought from the local fruit stand, except for the passion fruit, which was picked from a vine at our neighbor’s house. It is the season for these fruits, and it is marvelous. Everything is grown right here in the area and brought fresh to the markets each day. I am often asked about what we eat, here is a good example of the best things we will eat all week.


Our homeschool has taken a turn for the better after our trip back to the states. I do not really know what happened, other than that during our trip I had the opportunity to take a good look at what we were doing, and talk through our day-to-day with some seasoned homeschool moms. I realized that I could take ANOTHER step back and relax some more. It has made a HUGE difference. I also realized, through the blessing of a few wise blogs, that our homeschool is an opportunity to train the girls in wisdom and kindness and to make sure that they are learning everyday about how to live a life of faith. I am definitely not saying that this cannot happen anywhere, just that I am being much more intentional about using our school time to train hearts first and minds second.


For the prior week we were preparing our hearts and minds for the celebration of Passover which occured on Friday, April 3rd. We have been doing crafts, reading books, cooking food and talking about all things Passover. We even found a “Let It Go” parody (Youtube Video) that the girls have been singing. This will be the third time we have celebrated Passover as a family. This year we will actually bought two lambs on the day of assigned for that task (Monday) , kept them at Neema House, and then cooked and shared the lambs and beauty of the celebration with the staff at Neema House. The girls and I then came home and prepared our family’s Passover Seder meal. My heart is full of joy at the blessing of being able to have the freedom to do school like this.


This happened….The guards down the street found this bird and gave it to the girls. (Tabitha is impatiently waiting for her turn to hold the bird.) They are constantly amazed at how much the girls love all animals and are always finding a way to show them if they found a neat reptile, hedgehog and now a bird.


The girls made her a home fit for a queen, and she rested under a leaf blanket. Later that day, this bird died. Matt and I were gone at the time. I came home and looked in the box and the bird was gone. When I asked, they told me they came in to check on her and she had died (I am trying not to dwell on how my girls were cuddling with a sick bird. Bird flu anyone…) and they buried her in the bushes. That was that, no tears, no fuss, the bird died and we buried her in the bushes. Just a normal day, and a life and death lesson.


The rains came, joy in the mud. This has nothing to do with Tanzania, and everything to do with my kids natural propensity for being filthy.

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Sandra Taylor
04/16/2015 at 5:13 pm

Keep blogging and sharing your lives! What a testimony your life is. <3 It's a fine mom who photographs her mud coated girls, and and excellent one who teaches the heart first and facts second. Blessings, blessings to you, yours, and the work of Neema House.

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