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We are so (sooooooo!!) excited to report that we are very close to having official Neema LAND! For two years, Michael and Doris have been looking for land to build a permanent Neema House facility. One that we can grow on and make all the dreams and plans we have become a reality. One where we can be sustainable, using rainwater and solar power, and grow our own garden and animals. Micheal and Doris, as well as Matt and I, have looked at dozens of properties. We had some specific requirements, such as not too far from the hospital, water accessible by a bore hole well, electricity available and hopefully around five acres.

**Little known fact: Neema House is currently located in a rented home, a home that the owner decided to put on the market for sale in March, and that sold to a new owner in less than three weeks. The new owner, God bless him, has agreed to give us one year before we must vacate the property. It is a little stressful, but with Yahweh, all things are possible!**

Buying land in Tanzania is tricky business. Most land is owned by whole families and purchases must be approved by the town counsel. Surveys are virtually impossible to obtain and when they see that a westerner wants to purchase the property, the price triples, or more. We have tried to buy several pieces of property, and for one reason or another, it has just never worked out. Until this land came back around….

Topof Land

I say ‘came back around’ because Micheal had looked at this land a year ago and was very interested, only to be told that the land was under contract with another buyer. The land is actually owned by an American woman who wanted to build a lodge on the property, but was unable to get around some of the Tanzanian laws that put strict limitations on for-profit companies run by outsiders. She has owned the land OUTRIGHT for many years. Owning land outright is a big, BIG deal because it means that every son, cousin, brother or uncle-twice-removed that could come forward and say that they had right to the property has had their chance and been paid. She also has a real, honest to goodness survey completed. These two accomplishments save us a good year of hair-pulling frustration. In March, right when our current facility was being sold out from under us, her agent called to ask if Michael might still be interested in the property, which of course, he was. The owner has agreed to sell us the land, nine beautiful acres, with water, electricity, and a priceless survey, for a very reasonable price.

We have known about the possibility that this land could be our future building site for several months. Our family has actually spent some time hiking around the land, taking pictures, and meeting the very curious neighbors. I am telling you today because something amazing has recently happened. A generous donor has pledged $22,000(!!!) dollars towards the purchase of the land, on the condition that we match the amount. If we match the $22,000 we will be able to purchase the land outright. This is beyond amazing, this is God in action, making the impossible, the reality.

So here is the part where I ask for your help. If you have thought about donating to us or Neema House and have been waiting for the right time, right now is the right time. If you have already been supporting us, you can think of this as an investment. Neema House will have a director’s house on-site, so you won’t have to pay our rent anymore! Maybe you have an idea about fund raising, or know of someone who might be willing to support us in this endevour.

If you would like to donate, please make a note that the money is for the land. Your can use our paypal link, and make a comment when you enter the amount. You can also mail a check to Doulos, and include a note about the land purchase.

I have been totally amazed at the way God has worked to make Neema House function. It is through your generosity that my family is able to live here and do this amazing work. We moved here because we believe in the dream that is Neema House, a place of grace and hope, that has not even begun to reach it’s potential in service to the people of Tanzania. Everything, what we do now, and what we will be able to do, is because He works through the generous hearts of people that love Him and want to see Him glorified.

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05/15/2014 at 4:48 pm

I am so excited about this wonderful news. I’m very excited about the generous donation and offer of matching donations. Praise His Holy Name. I am surprised that the house sold so quickly. Everything lays in the hands of the perfect planner and provider. Praise His Holy Name.

05/22/2014 at 1:53 pm

Can’t wait to see the new property in, well – two months from yesterday! We are blessed to play a small part in helping the Neema House dream come true. If all those who believe in the good work being done each day will contribute what they can, the match will be made. Our check is in the mail. (Really!) Miss the Erdmans, and love you for the path you’ve chosen.

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