Working and Working

Every time Sunday rolls around I am amazed at just how fast the week has passed. My to-do list is longer than my arm and I always overestimate the amount of checks I can make before my day of rest arrives again. Each passing week pushes us closer and closer towards the great unknown. The other night I held Matt’s hand and told him with all honesty that I am scared to death. I am not in the least bit unsure, just nervous about what is coming. I tried to tell him that it feels very much like the last few weeks of pregnancy. You know the pain and the glory are coming, and it is hard to separate the two, or to discern exactly what you feel, because it is dread and excitement woven so tightly as to form one emotional strand. He did not seem to understand where I was coming from with that analogy, go figure.
I have started trying to cull through our belongings in order to determine what we will be taking. It looks like we will each have one hundred pounds of luggage allotted to us on the flight, which is significantly more than I thought we would have. However, it is tricky to walk around your home trying to determine what four hundred pounds therein you cannot live without. We will be living in a lovely, temperate climate and clothing is readily available in Arusha, so I have mentally discarded most of our clothes. It is the books and kitchen stuff that tug at my weight limit. I am wondering if the TSA would mind if I took a cast iron skillet as my hand luggage? And yes, my five-year-old does indeed want to carry that Crockpot on the plane, is that not normal? Please do not think I am complaining, I am excited about living with less, a LOT less. This is so far from the way that the first disciples went out when Christ told them to not even take a bag of money or change of clothes!
In a few weeks we plan to move into my parents house (hi mom and dad, did I mention this?) and then start selling off the rest of our belongings. I wish I could say that our biggest belonging, 3405 White Oak Drive, was well on it’s way to being sold, but it keeps being everyone’s second choice, as per our Realtor. I am excited to see the things go, and very happy to say that the selling of the rest of our stuff will help to outfit our new house in Arusha. When you rent a home unfurnished in Africa, that means it comes with no stove or washing machine or refrigerator. We will have to get there and get the basic appliances for living. It is not lost on me that we are not, not even slightly, moving into a grass hut with mud floors. I would like to think I would do that if that were God’s calling, but I cannot pretend that I am not relieved to have so many comforts of home waiting for me. They could also be waiting for you, please come visit!! (Julie, Sterns, Palmers, Kozloskis…I am serious, we would love to have you!)
One of the burdens on our heart has been the upcoming re-homing of our dog. We have a squirrel crazy half lab, half shar pei who needs to find a good home. He is a good boy, but very protective of our family and territorial of his backyard. I wonder how it works in a dogs mind when it has been your life’s mission is to protect one family and you find yourself in another family. I feel disoriented for him! We have had Yoda since he was a tiny puppy and it will be very hard to say good-bye to him. The girls keep asking what we are going to do with Yoda and why he cannot ride in the plane with us to Africa. I have promised them that we are planning on getting a new dog when we get to Arusha, but they are not comforted by that statement. Just like I know that God has a buyer for our house, I know He has a home for Yoda. Right now it is hard to turn in any direction and not see upheaval, but with so much change and so much to pray about also comes so many opportunities to see God’s glory revealed.

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11/02/2013 at 6:29 am

I can’t describe the emotions I have when I read your blog. I love you, three simple words, yet they convey enough emotion to stretch all the way around the world and then some. I am excited, scared and challenged at every turn also. We are both embarking on such new territory. Its good to know that are roots go down deep into rich spiritual soil. Regardless our mission, we stand on the Rock of our salvation proclaiming only His goodness and mercy. As we strive to live out faith as best as we know how, we want only to be glowing as His reflection. Again, I love you describes it all.

11/02/2013 at 9:13 pm

My heart is packing for you.

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