Leaving On A Jet Plane… and Prayer Requests

Even after all these months of talking about our upcoming move, I am still a little in awe to announce that last week we bought our tickets and we now have a moving date! We will be flying out of Houston with one-way tickets on December 10th! We will be arriving in Arusha on December 12th, after stopping overnight in Doha, Qatar. We will have about 36 hours to get briefed, including getting our names on the bank account so that we can do December’s payroll. Rebecca, Michael and Dorris’ daughter, has been serving as the interim director, but will be flying back to Texas on December 14th. We are praying that our visas go through and that the bank process is without incident.

This last week has not been an easy one. I definitely feel that Satan has been giving both Matt and I some major pushback, or maybe beat down is a better description. I bought the tickets and then immediately had a meltdown of fear and anxiety over the fact that we are, indeed, really, really going to go through with this. I am excited and believe without a shadow of a doubt that this is God’s path for us, but it is scary and hard to leave those we love and who love us. The upcoming month will be a whirlwind of packing and selling and saying hard and harder good-byes. I know the days will pass quicker than I want them to, and I am just praying for peace and thankfulness in the process.

There are several big prayer request that we want to ask you to intercede on our behalf:

If you would, please pray for healing for Matt’s dad, Dave, who has been in the hospital for the last week with severe colitis. He is going to be treated with a new medication in hopes that his intestinal tract will heal and he can avoid surgical intervention. It is hard for both Matt and I to leave our parents, and even harder when they are in the midst of a difficult medical situation.

Please also continue to pray that our house will sell quickly and easily and that we are able to sell the rest of our possessions and raise enough money to buy what we need (stove, refrigerator, beds, ect.) when we get to Arusha. Also pray that our visas come through in time.

Finally, please pray that we will raise the support we will need for our time. After our trip to Arusha this summer we had a number in mind, and we are close to that number in the form of verbal commitments of support, but far in actual cash received. I know that God knows and will provide everything we need, and is probably laughing at this nebulous number floating in my head. I am sure that He has moved in the hearts of many to be the provision we need. If you are someone who feels led to support us in this ministry, please consider this a great time to start!

Finally, if you would please pray for Camille and Tabitha over the next few months as we uproot them from the comfortable life they know and place them unfamiliar territory surrounded by new people and a strange language. Pray that we would be sensitive to their needs and fears and be able to provide comfort and security to them even in the midst of a whirlwind.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey. Thank you for your prayers and support and friendship. The countdown has begun, let us head to the promise land!

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auntie June
11/11/2013 at 6:21 pm

Your new venture in Tanzania has been on my daily prayer list. I intend to continue to see what’s new on the website……PRAISE GOD My brother David is home and doing well…What an awesome God we serve……auntie June.

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