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Going Forward

Overall, our goal for the first year is systems, systems, systems. We want systems for the care of the babies, systems for out-reach and adoptions, systems for facilitating family integration of our motherless children, systems for the volunteer program. The thought of the organizational challenge makes my pulse race, I love systems and organization. I […]

Our Task

What does it mean to be the on-sight director of a baby orphanage? Matt and I were ready to move us and our little ones to Africa, sight unseen, but Michael and Dorris were insistent that we make a trip to Arusha to visit the orphanage before we set sail. We agreed, and through an […]

Already Begun

The countdown has begun, we are moving to Arusha, Tanzania to become the on-sight directors of Neema Baby Home in three months!! Let me first tell you the history, before I tell you the plans. A long time ago (2007), in a land far away (South Lake Tahoe, California), Matt and I decided that we […]